In recognition of local leadership, Salvador Pedroza nominated to "Los 26 de la 26" (The 26 of 26th Street).

January 22, 2020
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Los 26 de la 26 (Negocios Now, Nicado Publishing)

Negocios Now, the award-winning Hispanic business publication, will launch a special edition and event named “Los 26 de la 26” to celebrate Hispanic leadership in Little Village, the heart of the most vibrant Mexican and Mexican-American community in the midwest.

“La Villita business community is an important part of the mission of Negocios Now, even before we launched 12 years ago. Our publication was born recognizing not only the entrepreneurial spirit of the community but I was also captivated by the history and culture of the community,” said Clemente Nicado, Publisher of Negocios Now.

Since 2017, Negocios Now has featured businesses from Little Village and has continued to be a constant presence in the publication. Negocios Now has dedicated several exclusive editions to highlight the contributions of the Little Village community as well as it’s impactful and memorable entrepreneurship.

“Los 26 de la 26 is just a symbol. This initiative is in fact to honor the community with a clear Latino identity, inclusive that welcomes all people who dream of a better future, for their families and the City of Chicago, which is full of opportunities,” said Nicado.