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Economy Roofing & Siding, Inc. DBA Economy Commercial Roofing | State of IL Roofing Contractors License No. 104006987
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your safe choice for roofing in chicago, IL area

With strict safety guidelines and a comprehensive safety program, we strive to promote a safety consciousness throughout our entire team.

Economy Roofing strives to provide the safest workplace possible for our employees and clients. We believe that safety is of the utmost concern; therefore we have dedicated ourselves to promoting an injury-free work environment.

We are committed to our safety program consistent with good roofing practices, which creates an attitude of safety consciousness in general management, field supervisors and our employees. Economy Roofing further provides continuing safety education and training for all of its employees on an on-going basis, allowing your company/organization to carry on with business as usual during the roofing process.
Our Safety Guidelines Include:
• Fall-arrest and fall-prevention training
• OSHA regulations and job site training
• Overall safety training
• Personal protective equipment requirements
• Safety monitoring
• Pre-Job inspections
• Periodic and unannounced inspections

Our project coordinators are well aware of and familiar with OSHA’s regulations and guidelines and ensure that our work crews and other job-site employees follow OSHA’s as well as our own safety regulations.

These practices keep you and your organization out of harms way both now and in the future. With Economy Roofing assigned to your roofing project, you can rest easy knowing that the highest safety and performance standards in the industry are being practiced on your project site.